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Federal Bank to pay 10% Interest for 1000 days’ Deposits

On 17thof August 2012, Federal Bank will dedicate its 1000thBranch to the nation. In order to symbolize this milestone event in the growth history of the bank, the Bank has decided to give a special interest rate of10% for resident & non resident deposits of 1000 days’maturity as a goodwill gesture.This exclusive benefit will be available to the deposits opened during the limited period from July 30 till August 17, 2012.   Senior Citizens will get anadditional 0.50%interest over this rate.  NRIs will get tax-free return at a high yield of 10%. This gives investors an opportunity to earn high yield over the medium term of 1000 days that comes built with complete safety. 
About Federal Bank: Federal Bank is a leading Private Sector Bank with a branch network of 999 branches and 1,050 ATMs spread across the country. The Bank had total business of Rs. 86,693 crore as at March 31, 2012. It has Net Worth of Rs. 5,706 crore as at the end of fiscal 2011-12. It recorded net profit of Rs. 776…

Surprises enhance the value of gifting jewellery

Humans love surprises because there is a joy of discovery! Intuitively, women are full of surprises and enjoy them whether they are at the giving end or receiving end. In Indian culture and tradition, gifts are an important part of cultivating strong relationships and eternal bonding. Everyone has a sentimental value attached to gifts irrespective of when they have received the same. 

Consumers in India are evolving as they gain exposure to what's "out there" and are now keenly followinginternational fashion and new trends.  In fact, the gifting concept has undergone a sea of change with recent globalization, burgeoning upper and middle class, higher disposable income and shortage of time.
To cater to the modern day consumers gifting needs, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited (TBZ Ltd.), a well-known and trusted jewellery retailer in India,  has initiated a new concept of gifting in Jewellery segment by launching  a new collection of gifts christened “Surprises—The Gift Col…

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri unveils new necklace collection in Andhra Pradesh

New Necklace Collection features both gold and diamonds

TBZ offers an assured gift on every necklace purchase for a limited period

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited (TBZ Ltd.), a well-known and trusted jewellery retailer in India, has launched its new necklace collection in gold and diamond in Andhra Pradesh to coincide with the forthcoming Varalaxmi Vratam (July 27). The new necklace collection showcases a wide variety of necklaces in attractive designs in different price ranges. This unique collection offers an assured gift on every necklace purchase. The exquisite designs are specially showcased for the festive season and features new jewellery designs with excellent craftsmanship and wide variety. A unique feature of this collection is that it is available in both diamond and gold, designed to appeal to the modern Indian woman. The collection is primarily aimed at young women of 25-years and above, who are upwardly mobile and open to adopting new trends.
TBZ has three exclusive …

TBZ shines on Glittering pedigree

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd (TBZ),  a well-known and trusted jewellery retailer in India, plans to open an additional 42 showrooms (25 large format high street showrooms and 17 small format high street showrooms) by the end of Fiscal 2015, which would give TBZ a total of 57 showrooms (with a total carpet area of approximately 150,000 sq. ft.) in 43 cities across 14 states. TBZ currently has 15 showrooms in nine cities across five states.
TBZ was established in 1864 by Mr Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri in Zaveri Bazaar, the jewellery district of Mumbai. it was subsequently headed by his son, Mr Gopaldas Tribhovandas Zaveri, and now Mr Shrikant Zaveri, is the present Chairman and Managing Director of the group, has more than 30 years of experience in the gems and jewellery industry.  
Mr Shrikant Zaveri’s two daughters Binaisha Zaveri and Raashi Zaveri are also involved actively in the business contributing to TBZ growth.  His elder daughterBinaisha Zaveri, (Director, TBZ) whojoi…

TBZ opens brand new showroom at Churchgate, Mumbai

150-yr old legacy of enthralling designs now at TBZ Churchgate Kalpavruksha Plan for jewellery purchase in easy installments
Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited (TBZ Ltd.), a well-known and trusted jewellery retailer in India, opened its spanking brand new showroom at Churchgate, Opp. Pizza by the Bay.  Mr. Shrikant Zaveri, Chairman and Managing Director, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited, inaugurated the new TBZ showroom showcasing a new and wide range of women’s and men’s jewellery collection for discerning consumers. 

Mr. Shrikant Zaveri, Chairman and Managing Director, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd., said, “We are very happy to have our showroom in Churchgate.  It is our 2nd showroom in South Mumbai after Zaveri Bazar. We have jewellery designed in Gold & Diamond which will appeal to South Mumbai customer.. We, at TBZ, believe that the past holds the key to the future! Today, we at TBZ haven’t lost sight of the legacy that began 150-years ago. TBZ has a legacy of enthrallin…