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VR Surat hosts Balakalakaar, City's largest painting workshops for 1200 underprivileged children

MLA RAJENDRABHAI PATEL FELICITATES BALAKALAKAARS AT FESTIVAL PARK Surat, December 26, 2013 – As the entire City celebrates its very own festival - KhoobSurat 2013-14 - VR Surat, Gujarat’s only world-class community centric lifestyle destination, hosted Balakalakaar – City’s largest painting workshops for 1,200 underprivileged children. Held on Christmas Day at the Festival Park at VR Surat, Balakalakaar, an initiative of AIESEC in association with Virtuous Retail, provides underprivileged children from the city’s municipal schools, orphanages and slums, with a wonderful opportunity to express themselves through art with an innovative painting workshop. From various  locations across Surat, 600 of these children are from Pratham NGO affiliated to Municipal Schools in slum areas such as Unn, Mithikhadi, Navagam, Pandesara, Amroli, Kasod; 400 children are from Vatsalya Dham Orphanage, Kamrej; and 200 are from Umra Surat Municipal Corporation School No. 3.
Rajendrabhai Patel, Honorable Memb…

15-day long "VR KhoobSurat" festival starts on December 21, 2013

Non-stop fun @VR Surat during Christmas (December 21 to 25), Ponk Fest (December 26 to 31) and New Year (December 26-January 5)
This New Year’s Eve, the City of Surat, which has a vibrant history of unique celebrations, gets its very own festival. VR Surat, Gujarat’s only world-class community centric lifestyle destination, has announced a 15-day long festival ‘KhoobSurat 2013-14’ from December 21, 2013 to January 5, 2014. The flagship Center of Virtuous Retail, India’s first and largest institutionally owned developer-operator of lifestyle shopping centers, has lined up non-stop celebrations during Christmas (December 21-25), Ponk Fest (December 26-31) and New Year (December 26 to January 5).

Special workshops for all members of the family have been organized at the Food Box and other venues at the center (see box for reference).  These include: Glitter Art Workshop for Children (December 21); Christmas Ornament Making Workshop for Children (December 22); Makeover for Ladies Workshop (…

PC Jeweller launches new jewellery line ‘SPECTRUM’ ahead of New Year

Collection inspired by the Colours of Rainbow After the much successful diamond and wedding jewellery collections, PC Jeweller very enthusiastically has presented today a new line of jewellery called ‘SPECTRUM’ at all its 39 showrooms across the country.
The new collection ‘SPECTRUM’ has been launched, keeping in mind the shift towards light and easy to wear jewellery amongst younger and working population. Inspired by the colours of the rainbow, the designs are engraved with stylish and colourful diamonds and stones cut in trendy shapes and affixed on yellow and white gold metal base. The collection will be available in likes of earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and pendant sets and will come in the many colours of rainbow ranging through red to violet. PCJ has positioned ‘SPECTRUM’ as casual and affordable jewellery with the price ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1, 20,000.
Brilliantly adopting the vibrance of the rainbow, the jewels have an opaque charm when adorned in sparkling da…

GJF presents National Jewellery Awards 2014

·Four different segments and 26 awards categories ·Last date for applications – 16th January 2014; Awards Nite on 21st February 2014 ·Jewellery Awards – Jewellery Category open to all including non-members of GJF ·An independent and reputed agency shall be screening, monitoring and auditing the event.
Mumbai, December 5, 2013: The All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF), the national trade body for the promotion and growth of trade in Gems and Jewellery Industry across India, presents the National Jewellery Awards (NJA 2014), the most prestigious awards in the gems & jewellery (G&J) industry to recognize the immense talent, innovation and creativity of its valued members and associates. NJA 2014 are an industry’s recognition from the industry, by the industry, to the industry.
NJA 2014 comprises four different segments and 26 award categories. The four different segments are: Retailer Awards – Jewellery (For GJF members only); Manufacturer Awards – Jewellery (For GJF …