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ICE Make Launches Food Dehydration Device for Farm and Food Processing Sector

Ice Make Refrigeration Limited (Ice Make), one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of cooling solutions equipment, has launched an innovative “Food Dehydration Device for drying various food, vegetable and fruit related items in suitable heat and temperature. The Unique device and equipment which is manufactured by the Company specifically for farm & food processing sector, is a low temperature, low humidity dryer exclusively made for aiding Food Preservation by Drying and Removing Water Particles from the produce. The user-friendly equipment is very handy for drying Food, Fruits, Vegetables, Agricultural Crops & Products, Herbs, Seafood among others.

Mr. Chandrakant P. Patel, Chairman and Managing Director, Ice Make Refrigeration Limited, said ”Traditionally the items and supplies are dried either outdoor using the sunlight or high temperature devices that can normally damage the nutrient content of the food and to address this problem Ice Make has designed the perfect …