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Surprises enhance the value of gifting jewellery

Humans love surprises because there is a joy of discovery! Intuitively, women are full of surprises and enjoy them whether they are at the giving end or receiving end. In Indian culture and tradition, gifts are an important part of cultivating strong relationships and eternal bonding. Everyone has a sentimental value attached to gifts irrespective of when they have received the same. 

Consumers in India are evolving as they gain exposure to what's "out there" and are now keenly followinginternational fashion and new trends.  In fact, the gifting concept has undergone a sea of change with recent globalization, burgeoning upper and middle class, higher disposable income and shortage of time.
To cater to the modern day consumers gifting needs, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited (TBZ Ltd.), a well-known and trusted jewellery retailer in India,  has initiated a new concept of gifting in Jewellery segment by launching  a new collection of gifts christened “Surprises—The Gift Col…